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Applications for Studies in Universities Abroad

iCon undertakes the entire counseling process for applications to foreign Universities (Great Britain, Holland, Germany and other countries worldwide) in undergraduate (Bachelor) and through UCAS (EstablishmentNumber: 68828) and postgraduate (Master) programs. It is personalized multifaceted counseling to fit the profile of each candidate, which guarantees the best results. The "integrated study abroad service" includes:

  1. Extensive and in-depth information on higher education studies abroad (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, summer programs, preparatory (foundation) and language), on degrees and admission requirements, cost of living, university rankings, degree relationship and of institutions with the labor market, additional services provided by each University, etc.
  2. Advice on what specialties might suit each person best.
  3. Guidance in the search and selection of the appropriate educational institution and study program based on the profile and preferences of each candidate
  4.  Training to obtain the prerequisites - scores (IELTS, GMAT, etc.) set by the Universities.
  5. Complete guidance in filling and submitting the application
  • Appropriate translations of supporting documents
  • Writing an appropriate resume
  • Guidelines for securing appropriate letters of recommendation
  • Drafting of Personal Statement – Motivation Letter
  • Possible ways to get rid of some prerequisites or tests.
  1. Track applications and communicate with universities.
  2. Detailed information on accommodation in hostels and submission and monitoring of related applications.
  3. Submit and track applications for student loans, scholarships and grants.
  4. Guidance and counseling for the first days at the University (what to pay attention to, initial schedule, addresses and phone numbers of those in charge, information on opening an account, etc.).
  5. Support during the initial adjustment period to advise and resolve potential problems and dilemmas at the university and at the distribution site.

It should be noted that iCon has a special agreement with a number of well-known Universities, Colleges and other institutions, for which special treatment is offered.

We can of course make you applications for any other University and you can benefit from our extremely competitive prices and above all from our great experience.

For further information about the services offered and how they can be adapted to your own needs, please contact us at 210-9248 534, email ή στην φόρμα εκδήλωσης ενδιαφέροντος.

Advice on studying in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is the fastest growing country in the education market with a large number of Universities offering programs at all levels (Bachelor, Masters, PhD) and in English. Our consulting services include educational solutions for many subject areas in all universities.

Representation of HZ University of Applied Sciences – Studies in English

HZ12iCon represents the leading HZ University of Applied Sciences and offers candidates experienced and responsible advice on everything related to their studies at the University, as well as accepting and guiding applications for its programs!

HZ University of Applied Sciences continuously intensifies new study programs at the undergraduate level:


  • International Business and Management Studies
  • International Business and Languages
  • Vitality and Tourism Management
  • Water Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Delta Management
  • Chemistry
  • International Maintenance Management
  • Logistics Management