With a history dating back to 1821, we have a long and rich tradition of excellence and a proven track record of educating, inspiring and challenging the professionals of tomorrow. Origins of our name The University's name commemorates George Heriot, the 16th century philanthropist and financier to King James, and James Watt, the great 18th century inventor and engineer: two successful, leading edge professionals of their time, whose skills and attitudes are still reflected in the ethos of the University today. Our history began in 1821 when the School of Arts of Edinburgh was established, the world's first Mechanics Institute, which revolutionised access to education in science and technology for ordinary people. In 1852, the name changed to the Watt Institution & School of Arts, and again in 1855, to Heriot-Watt College. We finally became Heriot-Watt University in 1966 by Royal Charter. Practical education from the beginning Heriot-Watt's heritage is rooted in the provision of education for working people and professionals. When the School of Arts was established in 1821 its purpose was to "address societal needs by incorporating fundamental scientific thinking and research into engineering solutions". The School also demonstrated the pioneering tradition that underpins the University today, when it welcomed women in 1869, 20 years ahead of other institutions.

A focus on the practical application of knowledge and learning for the betterment of society is an essential characteristic of Heriot-Watt University. Throughout the early and mid 1900s the academic curriculum of the college developed with a strong emphasis on the needs of industry. A snapshot of this includes: the Department of Mining established in 1913 due to demand from the coal industry programmes in Physical Chemistry, Fuel Science, Metallurgy and Intermediates introduced in 1919 the Department of Building established in 1934 to provide tuition up to Associateship standard Brewing given departmental status in 1950 and the introduction of classes in Management Studies a new Associateship programme in Civil Engineering introduced in 1953. Responding to the needs of business and industry continues to define Heriot-Watt's approach and we work in partnership with the professions to develop our degrees in accordance with their needs.

iCon collaborates with the University and offers throughout Greece a series of postgraduate programs (Master & MBA) with excellent features.


Heriot Watt University's highest quality

  • HWU is one of the oldest (1821), and at the same time one of the most modern Universities
  • One of the best British Universities with top state certification (Royal Charter)
  • Elected Scottish University of the Year 2011-2012 and 2012-2013
  • Rated 4th in the UK for Construction (Guardian, 2015)
  • and 4th in the UK for Business, Management & Marketing (Guardian, 2015) out of 113 Universities


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Edinburgh Business School (EBS) is Heriot Watt University's Graduate School of Business Administration. In the world of business, EBS occupies a prominent position since 40% of the largest companies in the world based on the ranking (Fortune 500), have in their workforce the graduates of the MBA program. The prestigious Financial Times listed Edinburgh Business School as the most (No. 1) popular MBA program in the world for the fifth year in a row, as it brings together the most MBA students of any University in the world, who come from all over the world. parts of the world! With a global network of successful graduates, recognition from government agencies, multinational corporations and the media, EBS offers programs and degrees that improve learners' skills, increase career opportunities and help business performance.

In Greece, it collaborates exclusively with iCon and offers its top postgraduate programs MBA, MBA in Financial Management, MBA in Strategic Planning, Master of Science in Financial Management. Περισσότερες πληροφορίες για τα προγράμματα


HZ is located at the beautiful coastline of Zeeland in the northwestern end of the Netherlands and is very close to Belgium and France and is the colsest point towards London and Great Britain in general. HZ has a strong international orientation and its core values are quality, personal development and the professional career of the students. The University's aim is that everystudent will develop in such a way as to be able to confont effectivelly life in a multicultural society. Through its special, flexible curiculum, students acquire all the knowledge and skills that are required for a succesful career.

The University cooperates closely with local and international companies. It does not offer only theoretical education, but focuses on practical application. Professional practice has been incorporated in its education throught the professional placement with applied research programmes.

In Holland there are 43 Universities of Applied Sciences. According to the most recent table «Keuzegids Hbo Voltijd 2014» HZ is the no1 Dutch University of Applied Sciences!

One of the main ecucational goals of HZ is to transfer knowledge in the professional environment, and HZ operates with the principle of interconecting education with a company placement and research with practical orientation. Graduates of Universities of Applied Sciences are highly saught after because they are usefull from the beginning, since they have a close connection with the relevant professional fields due to the incorporation of a professional placement in the programmes of study, offering thus added value to the tiltes they possess.

The University honors this unique cooperation and gives further information at its website! (click here to redirect to HZ website)

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The University of Leicester (Leicester) is one of the very good and constantly rising European Universities. It has significant teaching and research experience, close links with business and alumni in important positions all over the world. Ranked among the best British Universities (based on any existing rating).

The MBA of the School of Management in all its forms, i.e. offered full-time in England and Online outside England, is recognized by the Association of MBAs, an organization that certifies the quality of MBA programs offered in Europe. It is characteristic that the Association of MBAs recognizes very few British MBAs and its list includes the truly (and objectively) best European Business Schools such as London Business School, INSEAD, BOCCONI, ERASMUS, etc. This recognition places the School of Management of the University of Leicester among the best Business Schools at pan-European level and also offers programs in many fields of knowledge.

It is a truly modern global university, since it has the largest number of postgraduate students, i.e. approximately 5,000 students outside the University. This "internationality" gives the University the possibility to serve students wherever they are, but also gives the programs a truly international character, which is made clear by the educational material and the analysis of the cases analyzed.

International Consulting promotes the University's online programs in Greece and is responsible for providing information to those interested. For more information, visit her website