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Your MBA for life!

MBA – Masters

The Edinburgh Business School of Heriot Watt University and iCon are delighted to announce the new intake of the most popular MBA in the world! All the EBS programmes are endowed with four extraordinary advantages:

Total Flexibility and Adaptability

Highest Quality and Professional Value,

International Impact and

Affordable Studies and Flexible fee structure

Flexibility and Adaptability:  This is your MBA (Your MSc. Your Diploma). You simply decide what, how, where and when you want to study. And if you’re not quite sure what programme will suit you and your career best, simply purchase a single course and see how you go. Each course is intellectually rigorous and up-to-the-minute. Together, they give you the knowledge, understanding and insight needed to succeed in the highly competitive business world.

Here’s how it works:

Choose your courses

Choose where you want to study

Study in your own time, with no time limit

Sit the exam when you are ready and where it suits you.

You are always fully supported and receive live tutorials in class or online by iCon.