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Interview Types

Interview types:

  1. Telephone: normally used to eliminate candidates. If you are successful  you will be invited  to the next stage, usually an in-depth one-to-one interview
  2. Video: through Skype, FaceTime or YouTube. It is becoming increasingly popular for graduate roles. Video interviews are usually part of the initial screening process
  3. Face-to-face interview: usually takes place after the prospective employer has decided that you fill the job criteria. Face-to-face interviews may entail one interview with one interviewer or a number of one-to-one interviews with different company members at different times.
  4. Panel interviews:  face-to-face interviews in which you will be interviewed by more members of the company at the same time.
  5. Group interviews: a number of candidates (not just you) are interviewed at the same time. Discussions on a number of topics may be held or questions asked in turn.
  6. Assessment centres: these include written tests, role-play and other type of exercises including group work. Assessment centres may last one to three days and several candidates are assessed at the same time. Companies try to assess your performance in a number of “real-life” situations.

If you do not have concise information on the type of interview contact the company and ask for as many details as possible so that you are prepared.